The Wibbersley and Thorne Society

We are The Wibbersley and Thorne Society, a group of like minded individuals who pull together to raise money and awareness for the Christie. What makes us different from other groups ? Every penny of our efforts goes into buying much needed equipment that normal funding doesn’t allow for.

To date we have raised over £250,000 for the Christie, and none of this would be possible without your help and support.

Thank you for visiting and please take your time to look around our website. If you would like to call us please speak with Dave on 0161 747 7255 or 07798 873733.

We have pages and information on:

For more information about any of the events we have run, or how to become a company sponsor for The Wibbersley and Thorne Society then please contact us.

And remember…

“We are serious about having fun!”